April 1, 2011

Entering Edits

Hello Internet-land, it's been awhile since I posted here. But I work on inspiration, and lately there hasn't been much of that driving any blog posts.

I've been at NI for over six years now (crazy to think I've been writing this blog for like five of those years) and think I know pretty darn well how to write effective end-user documentation. Plus, I'm human and have an ego. Put these two facts together and when I get edits on my documentation, my first instinct is to bristle and say "Hey, the way I wrote it is best!" (Unless of course it's a typo or misspelling.)

But that attitude cuts off all possibility of improvement and change, especially as we in the group put our brains together on the topic and arrive at more effective documentation strategies, and especially as we branch out into different industries with established terminologies. So even though it takes a bit of effort, as an established technical writer, to say "Here's my best work; tell me what's wrong with it!" -- that is how I want to be, both in this workplace and in life, remaining open to the possibility that there's always a better way and that I don't know what it is.