June 27, 2005

Today I emailed a link to this blog to the LabVIEW team, as well as the Tech Comm team (which includes all technical writers, artists, and others who assist in document creation). It's funny to think that within a single company, not everyone knows what everyone else is doing. Then again, my last job was at a company with 25 people; NI has several thousand employees worldwide. I'm still getting used to the size increase.

On a spur-of-the-moment impulse, I went looking for other technical writer blogs (Google for "technical writer" +blog). I found a couple that look interesting. It seems that most of these guys are freelance and not attached to a company, like me. Regardless, I'll list them here:
  • Document Hack - This looks like a good resource. I'm going to peruse this site and get more ideas about topics I can write about. Plus, "Document Hack" is a cool title. Much better than mine, I think :-)
  • Writers India - This could be good for getting a global perspective on user documentation and technical writing.
  • Rob Caron's blog - This guy is at Microsoft and works documentation for the Visual Studio team.
And here is a fun article from the NYC chapter of the STC about the presence and usefulness of tech writing blogs.

It's nice to see there is precedent for a technical writer to be blabbing about his or her job function on the Internet.


  1. I love hearing other people use the word "fun" when describing technical writing and related subjects. Most people say it sounds boring.


  2. Tech writing is definitely fun for me ... then again, I'm a dork when it comes to computers and software :-)

  3. Being a "dork" has its advantages. It lets you meet people that you wouldn't normally meet and it gives people like us an outlet for our need for consistency and correct grammar. I rather like being a "dork when it come to computers and software." My job is definitely fun!

    ;) (your smiley needed a friend)