November 9, 2005

LabVIEW 8 Help Online

Those of you who are curious (or in need of assistance) can now view the entire LabVIEW 8.0 help file online. Before we were just posting PDFs and CHMs. The problem is that Google and's search engine can't access the internal text of these file types. All you could search was the abstract. But now that each help topic is a single HTML page, search engines can index that content so it's easy to find.

The toolkits and modules should have their help online too, I'm just not sure when.


  1. Hey all. This is Colin - the Web guy who helped make the LabVIEW 8 Help in HTML work.

    I wanted to let everyone know that I am wanting the toolkits to go up soon soon ! I am currently working on some hardware CHMs (Digitizers, Multifunction DAQ), but after that I intend to go on from there. Let me know if there is anything specific out there that is high-priority for you!