November 6, 2006

Guest Appearance on the VI Road Show

Every Halloween, the LabVIEW team sets up various demos of our products for other members of the company. This year, the VI Road Show invaded and caught some of what went on. The following video shows Varun, myself, and Alex discussing and demonstrating the LabVIEW Simulation Module. Beware the horrible scrolling CRT monitors!

P.S: I feel I should explain my bloody face :-) My costume this year was Ash from Army of Darkness.


  1. I feel that we at the VI Road Show needed to explain ourselves with the Monitor Filming thing.

    Check out this post.

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  3. That was a great explanation and I have to admit that I had forgotten about this problem since I have a LCD monitor.

    So lessons learned:
    Video camera needs an external sync to record from a CRT (almost none have a connector anyway).
    LCD avoids this problem :)