January 8, 2007

Horn Tooting

I opened my inbox this morning and found an email from my dad. He congratulated me because NI made FORTUNE magazine's "Top 100 Companies to Work For" list for the 8th consecutive year. I seem to remember that last year we were higher in the rankings, but being in the list is a good thing all by itself. It would have been neat to have been able to participate in the employee survey, but it's randomly distributed. I know people who have been here 10+ years who haven't ever been contacted.

Austin-based Whole Foods ranked #5. Go Austin!!!

Another funny tidbit is that Texas Instruments (TI), the company for whom NI is most often mistaken (don't worry, I did it too), is listed right below us.

Who is #1? Of course, that spot belongs to the six-million-dollar-a-share GOOG. I have to say though that free spa treatments would not necessarily attract me to a company. Free meals, however, are a different story :-)


  1. Wouldn't that be "Top 100 Companies for Which to Work?" ;)

    And as for GOOG....it's GOURMET food, FYI. Unfortunately, that's not even enough, really.


  2. Don't get me started on how awkward it is to keep from ending sentences in prepositions :-)