May 16, 2007

The LabVIEW Documentation that Anyone Can Edit

I don't know how I missed this, and I apologize for not posting it sooner! For those of you who are familiar with wikis, the LAVA (LabVIEW Advanced Virtual Architects) group has a wiki for LabVIEW. I encourage you all to go and contribute your knowledge to this compendium. Communication among customers about LabVIEW always is a good thing. It will be interesting to see how this wiki compares to and/or augments the documentation produced just around the corner from me at NI :-)

It's an interesting idea for official NI documentation, too. For example, see the MSDN wiki that I posted about a year ago. It's good to see this kind of thing spring up organically among customers.


  1. The LabVIEW wiki contributors are LabVIEW users and community members, which is a super-set of NI's "customers" (there are some NI employees participating and probably even people who never purchased an NI product).

  2. The wiki is great. I went there just to see and ended up reading all sorts of interesting things. Occasionally, following links leads me to a dead-end from which the wiki is inaccessible (at least in immediate perceptions). Perhaps - if it becomes more popular - a link here might be appropriate? Users aren't likely to use something for which they are required to hunt.

    Or I could just be only partially caffeinated and missing the obvious link somewhere. ;)