June 8, 2007

What We Do All Day, Part 2

Interested in working as a technical writer but don't know what it is that we do? Our Texas Tech recruiting team gathered some alumni and put together an informative video that consists of interviews with technical writers and managers here at NI. The video also has some great tips for those who are applying for technical writing jobs. Top tip: Proofread your resume! :-)


  1. I'd also add to have someone *else* proofread your resume. We are often so familiar with our own work that our brain automatically fills in the gaps and cleans up the typos : >

  2. Well, if I didn't know any better, I would say you only had female writers. :-)

    P.S. Where's the Mindstorms robot mentioned in the end? Did I miss it?

  3. yair,

    The video was made for Texas Tech, and as such it features only Texas Tech alumni. I'm pretty sure most of, if not all, of our Red Raiders at NI are women. Hence the gender imbalance you noticed :-)

    I didn't see a Minstorms robot in the video ... we may have left that on the cutting room floor (or hard drive temp folder, as the case may be).