December 3, 2009

Camel Case & Linux Documentation

A couple tidbits for ya today:


  1. VIEW and RIO are actually acronyms, so they shouldn't count, and I personally can't say I see a problem with camel case in product names (it's not as if you can call them Veri Stand or I Phone).

    That said, I dislike it in code and much prefer having spaces. I differentiate between product names, which are short, and names in code, whichCanBeVeryLong.

    It also reminds me of an old story about the policy of the BBC (I believe) to print the names of entities with acronyms as they sound (so they do Nasa instead of NASA). It was probably linked to in an old LAVA thread about the capitalization of LabVIEW.

    As for the Linux thing, I remember a very old public letter by a notable figure (although I can't remember who it was) who wrote to the people behind one of the major distros (probably Ubuntu) and telling them how they have to make it more usable before it will have any chance of competing. I believe the specific example he used was connecting to a network printer he had on Windows where the wizard which was built for it in Linux was pretty useless.

  2. Yair, are you referring to this letter from Eric S. Raymond?

  3. I probably was refering to that, but I'm pretty sure I was actually mixing stuff up. That is the document I was thinking of when I wrote the description, but as you can see, it's NOT a public letter to the developers. The letter was probably by someone else over an issue which may have been similar, but is probably not exactly the same.